Competition is one of reasons why a business must buy followers on Twitter. For a customer, this reason is very visible. If he wants to eat a Mexican restaurant, he just types the keywords “Mexican restaurant” with the place where he wants to eat. This may be an easy thing to do but choosing the right restaurant after the search engine provides the result, that’s the harder part for a customer. The customer gets confused on what to choose and a business owner translates this as competition. Because there are many options to choose, a customer reads reviews and checks the social network sites of the business. They don’t just check for comments but they also check the number of likes and followers that the website has. This is a clear indication for a customer that the business has many patrons. A business owner who wants to be popular online must avail this service. Easy and Cheap Adding real followers requires hard work. A business owner or his online marketing staff must post and share content in a regular basis. This takes time and effort and it only gets a small number of followers in a day or in a month. Fortunately, there are services that offer businesses an increase in number of followers from 1,000 to 100,000 followers which can last from days up to 2 years. It offers a one-time payment in an affordable price. Twitter Influence Businesses with many Twitter followers indicate that the business is popular. Apart from this, it also indicates that it is influential and has given an impact to many customers. Most Twitter users will click the follow button if they see that the Twitter account has many followers. It is the snowball effect.